Ant Script Library Reference


Common module
asl-common.xml Common properties, targets and macros
Java related modules
asl-java.xml Imports asl-java-build, asl-java-test, asl-java-report and asl-java-install.
asl-java-ivy.xml Imports asl-java and asl-repo-ivy; overrides the java classpath to use Ivy.
asl-java-build.xml Build targets for Java
asl-java-war.xml Targets to create and deploy a War
asl-java-test.xml Test targets for Java
asl-java-report.xml Targets to generate test, coverage and quality reports
asl-java-package.xml Targets to package an application into a zip package
Repository related modules
asl-repo-ivy.xml Repository targets for Ivy
asl-repo-maven.xml Repository targets for the Maven Ant Tasks (not yet implemented)
SCM related modules
asl-scm-cvs.xml CVS targets for SCM (not yet implemented)
asl-scm-p4.xml Perforce macros for SCM
asl-scm-svn.xml Subversion macros for SCM
Release module
asl-release.xml Targets to create a new release

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